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    Gluten-free pitas at Pita Pit

    I recently got to eat my first pita in about 7 years! I was driving around my neighbourhood when I noticed a big sign in front of my local Pita Pit saying they had gluten-free pitas. I was so excited I had to tell my husband, and we made a date to go have lunch there the following Saturday. I was in heaven! Not that pitas are the best food ever (pizza is, obviously), but after not being able to have one in so long it was exciting and refreshing. And I’ll be honest, the pita itself was pretty damn good! I expected it to be dry, crumbly and horrible-tasting.…

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    Well.ca Discount on Gluten-Free Items

    Well.ca, my favourite online drug store that sells everything from vitamins to housewares, is currently having a sale on gluten-free products! You’ll see familiar brands like Udi’s, Glutino and Bob’s Red Mill, as well as lesser known brands like Maxwell’s Kitchen, Pamela’s Products, and Nameste Foods. Use coupon code GOGLUTENFREE between now and May 11th to get 15% off! Enjoy!

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    Gluten Free Macaroons at Tim Hortons

    Back in July, Tim Hortons introduced their first gluten-free treat – macaroons. Looks like they’re just testing the waters with this product though, as on their “What’s New” page it mentions these are only available for a limited time. Hopefully the demand will be high enough that Tim Hortons will consider adding more gluten-free items to their menu. I know I personally avoid Tim Hortons for anything but beverages as it simply isn’t worth stopping there. In fact, it was over a month after macaroons were introduced that I spotted them, as I’m there so infrequently. I still haven’t actually tried them. It would be great to add another restaurant…

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    Guelph Student Cookbook

    Apparently this has been available for some time, but I recently found out about the Guelph Student Cookbook, created by the University of Guelph’s Central Student Association. The cookbook supports the CSA foodbank, which is operated by and for students at the university. From the introduction, The goal of this cookbook is to provide food bank users with the knowledge and skills needed to make healthy choices and prepare nutritious food with limited food choices and budget… All of the recipes in the book are simple, nutritious, and budget-friendly. As an added benefit, some recipes are identified as vegan, gluten-free, and party-sized. You can download the Guelph Student Cookbook here…

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    Caesar’s Gluten Free Vegetable Lasagna

    One of the things I miss is the convenience of frozen meals. I know they’re typically not the best nutritionally, and they often cost a lot, but on days when you just don’t feel like cooking they’re better than fast food. But they’re filled with additives that contain gluten. While gluten-free frozen meals do exist, you can’t just run into any supermarket and pick one up. They’re usually found at specialty shops, like Portions in Guelph. On a recent trip in there, I decided to try a frozen lasagna from Caesar’s Pasta. On the night I ate it, I was exhausted from a long day at work and was so…

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    Bountiful Pantry Country Corn Chowder

    On a trip to Vermont this past winter, I came across Bountiful Pantry soups at several shops. Several of their soups are labeled gluten-free. I love corn chowder and decided to try it. All of Bountiful Pantry soups are packaged, dried ingredients, and preparation is merely adding liquid like stock, milk or water. Ingredients are listed on the back, and they all contain foods you can actually recognize – corn, potatoes, onions, etc. The clear packaging shows off all the ingredients as well. But despite the gluten-free label, the ingredients I could read and understand, something in the soup made my stomach unhappy. The other problem with Bountiful Pantry is…

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    San Zenone Organic Corn Pasta

    I normally eat brown rice pasta, but decided to try a new brand of corn pasta I saw on the shelves at my grocery store – San Zenone’s 100% organic corn pasta from Prairie Harvest. Corn pasta tends to be a bit more expensive than brown rice pasta, but it tastes less “nutty” than rice pasta and doesn’t get gummy when you cook it. I actually found San Zenone tasted much like what I remember wheat pasta tasting like, so this might be a good one to try if you’re new to gluten-free pasta. I had it with some tomatoes, olives and oil, and found I didn’t need a thick…

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    Wendy’s Joins the Ranks

    Yup, that’s right, Wendy’s has now joined the ranks of fast food restaurants publishing gluten information on their websites. As of February 2011, they published a list of regular menu items that contain no wheat, barley, oats or rye. You can see the complete list in this PDF: Canadian Menu Items without Gluten. Some surprises in the list: hamburger patty Frostys How many of us are afraid that burger patties are gonna be full of filler? *raises hand* So that’s kind of awesome. Also, Frosty’s? I’m always a little skeptical of ice cream too, so this is freaking good news! You can bet I’ll be partaking in some Frosty-goodness this…