28 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

The Do’s and Don’ts of Accommodating Dietary Restrictions at Dinner Parties

This article passed through my Twitter stream today, via foodie and fellow SEO, Graywolf:

Dos and Don’ts: Accommodating Dietary Needs at Dinner Parties

Obivously this is something readers of this site will be familiar with, but it’s becoming a more common issue for regular folk as the occurrances of all dietary restrictions seems to increase.

With my group of friends, the protocol for dealing with dietary restrictions was established early, with two of my highschool friends being vegetarian. It became an unspoken rule that when we got together for meals, they brought their own if they couldn’t eat what was being served. In our younger years, we’d usually just get together for barbeques, so the vegetarians only had to supply their own meat substitute.

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29 March 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Wendy’s Joins the Ranks

Yup, that’s right, Wendy’s has now joined the ranks of fast food restaurants publishing gluten information on their websites. As of February 2011, they published a list of regular menu items that contain no wheat, barley, oats or rye.

You can see the complete list in this PDF: Canadian Menu Items without Gluten.

Some surprises in the list:

  • hamburger patty
  • Frostys

How many of us are afraid that burger patties are gonna be full of filler? *raises hand* So that’s kind of awesome. Also, Frosty’s? I’m always a little skeptical of ice cream too, so this is freaking good news! You can bet I’ll be partaking in some Frosty-goodness this summer.

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04 February 2010 ~ 0 Comments

Allerglobal Food Allergy Cards

This neat little website was profiled on Lifehacker today: Allerglobal.

For those with food allergies who like to travel, conversion with restaurant servers in unfamiliar languages can be a challenge. Allerglobel hopes to alleviate that a bit by creating food allergy cards in a language of your choice to carry with you. How brilliant is that?

Simply check off the allergies you have, choose the language you want to have the cards in, download & print, and voila!

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30 October 2009 ~ 20 Comments

Swiss Chalet’s Allergen Guide Wins Points with Me

Swiss Chalet is a restaurant staple

Swiss Chalet is a restaurant staple

Since being diagnosed with a gluten intollerance, Swiss Chalet has become my go-to restuarant. It’s familiar, it’s comfortable, and I know I can always get something to eat there. And who doesn’t love chicken?

(Also, the chalet sauce has super, magic healing abilities, but that’s another story.)

When ordering from their site tonight, I discovered a link at the bottom to an allergen guide. Really? They have one? Oh yes, AND it has wheat/gluten listed on it. Here’s a summary of what you can have:


Garden Salad, Greek Salad.

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