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Pizza Crust Comparison: Pizza Pizza vs. Pizza Nova

If you’ve been eating gluten-free for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt tried some of the gluten-free pizza crusts that are available. After having only tried Pizza Pizza’s gluten-free crust, I recently got the chance to try some others, including Pizza Nova’s gluten-free mulitgrain crust. Here’s what I thought.

Pizza Pizza’s Gluten-free Crust

From Perfect for pizza lovers with gluten allergies.

Pizza Pizza was the first chain I heard of offering gluten-free crust. I learned of it shortly after going gluten-free, and tried it not long after that. It’s more or less what you’d expect, if you’ve tried store-bought gluten-free pizza dough.

It’s white, dense, and largely flavourless. It’s also pretty tough. I’d assume it’s largely made of white rice flour, and it probably comes frozen to the stores (unlike regular dough, which comes prepared but fresh). My wheat-eating friends don’t particularly like it.

But it’s edible, after a long work day, or when you get back from travel, and really don’t feel like cooking. And Pizza Pizza has good dipping sauces, so that helps.

Pizza Nova’s Gluten-free Multigrain Crust

From Our gluten-free multigrain pizza crust is Trans Fat-Free, Egg Free, Milk Free, Lactose Free and Cholesterol Free.

There is no Pizza Nova franchise in Guelph, so I only recently got to try their gluten-free crust. I have to say I was thoroughly impressed, and so was my wheat-eating friend I made a guinea pig.

It was thin and crispy, without being hard. It was tasty. It looked like well-done pizza crust. I wouldn’t have been able to tell it was gluten-free if I hadn’t ordered it that way.

If there was a Pizza Nova nearby, this would be my choice all the time. Pizza Nova also wins bonus points for having an entire page on their site devoted to gluten-free nutritional info.

In conclusion, Pizza Nova is the clear winner on taste and texture. However, since they aren’t near by, and Pizza Pizza is on just about every corner, I will likely still order from them in the future.


  • Theresa

    I just tried the Kinnikinik frozen crusts and they were pretty delicious. 4 crusts for about $6 in the frozen food aisle. I had a hankering but didn’t want to buy take out. Here in NS we have Pizzatown that does a gluten free crust. It isn’t bad but is bought by them frozen. Boston Pizza does a GF crust which is lack luster for the price. Our all time BEST in the HRM (metro Halifax) is Bramoso pizza who buys their GF shells from a local bakery. In fact I ordered from them for a staff training day and the non GF staff members were jealous of our thin and crispy crust.

    However I do have to say Kinnikinnik did hit the spot tonight, with some Pizza Delight pepperoni from the grocery…also GF.

    • Dawn Wentzell

      I haven’t tried the Kinnikinik frozen ones; so far the only frozen ones I’ve tried have been pretty similar to Pizza Pizza’s.

      Does BP do full-size GF pizzas down east? In Ontario they only do personal size. They’re alright, but I wrote that post before I’d tried it. I should update it.

      I’ll have to keep Bramoso in mind for next time I’m in Halifax! Of course, the big question is…do any of the shops at Pizza Corner have GF crust, cuz I know I’ll end up there… LOL

    • Samantha

      Kinnikinik pizza crusts are by FAR the best pizza crusts on the market that are GF. I highly reccomend them!

      • Dawn Wentzell

        For homemade pizza, the Kinnikinik ones are great! But sometimes you just wanna order something in… 😉

  • Theresa

    No the BP pizzas are the personal size. Pizzatown will do a medium sized GF crust and it has mixed reviews by location from the GF crowd. The ones I’ve had, from Burnside and also the Main St location are ok and do hit the spot.

    None of the Pizza Corner places do GF, but there is a Pizza Pizza on Grafton Street just down the way that does do GF. If intoxicated I’m sure it would fit the bill. The nice thing about Bramoso is they ensure all toppings are GF, they have crusts made off site and packaged so no cross contam and all the toppings are guaranteed GF as well. The source locally so they can make sure the meats don’t have gluten containing fillers.

    Also in Halifax the Elephant Eye is a cafe on Barrington that does all the menu in GF except the crepes. They always have at least one GF dessert. I had the fish cakes made with rice flour to coat for frying and also had the rum chocolate pie for dessert. Yummy! The options in town are opening up more and more!

  • Trish

    I jut tried the Pizza Nova and I am wondering if it truly is gluten free. My stomach is turning and I havent had anything else from there. My only other concern was maybe it was made on the same surface or cooked in the same oven as their regular pizza. Its nice to have the options but scary to whether these staff truly follow the rules. Anyone else try it?

    • Dawn Wentzell

      Hi Trish. It’s quite likely there was cross-contamination. Just because they sell a gluten-free crust doesn’t mean they are obligated to prepare it in a gluten-free environment, unfortunately. That’s always one of the biggest challenges with eating out. I’m generally ok with some cross-contamination, so I’ve been ok so far.

    • Paul

      Hey Trish,

      I just had the same experience as you. My stomach is still turning. I actually thought the GF pizza nova pizza tastes good. But not worth the stomach problems. What is the point of offering GF if your staff doesn’t know how to not cross contaminant.

  • J

    Pizza Novas gluten free crust is dense, hard, thick and extremely dry and just plain disgusting! Not to mention super expensive! I can’t believe they actually serve this.

    • Dawn Wentzell

      That’s the second time I’ve heard of someone disliking Pizza Nova’s GF crust. The times I’ve had it, it’s always been consistent and so yummy! I do prefer crispier crust on my pizza, though.

    • M

      Just had the gluten free pizza from Pizza Nova in Barrie. Absolutely disgusting, the dogs were the only ones that loved it. It was hard, almost crumbly dry, gritty and hurt your mouth to eat,zero taste. Not that I have tried to eat cardboard before, but I can imagine it to be no worse than this poor excuse for a crust. $40 for 2 medium pizzas…what a waste.

  • kathy

    I tried the Pizza Nova gluten-free crust this afternoon, and thought it was beyond disgusting. So did my spouse. I also can’t believe they actually serve it. Thirty bucks down the drain. I would have preferred shoe leather. Shame on Pizza Nova.

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