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Gluten-free pitas at Pita Pit

Pita Pit logoI recently got to eat my first pita in about 7 years!

I was driving around my neighbourhood when I noticed a big sign in front of my local Pita Pit saying they had gluten-free pitas. I was so excited I had to tell my husband, and we made a date to go have lunch there the following Saturday. I was in heaven!

Not that pitas are the best food ever (pizza is, obviously), but after not being able to have one in so long it was exciting and refreshing.

Gluten-free pita at Pita Pit
My first pita!

And I’ll be honest, the pita itself was pretty damn good! I expected it to be dry, crumbly and horrible-tasting. But it was nearly the same texture as my husbands regular pita, nice and soft, and tasted…well… kinda like a pita. My husband took a bite — he’s used to me making him taste GF foods I think are “good” and still being horribly disappointed — and he agreed! There you go, a non-glutard seal of approval on a GF product. Good job, Pita Pit!

Pita Pit’s website and downloadable menu don’t make any mention of gluten-free pitas, but their nutrition and allergen guide, updated this past July, indicates the gluten-free pitas are available across Canada.

I’m thrilled I have a new tasty take-out option available, anywhere I go in Canada.

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