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San Zenone Organic Corn Pasta

I normally eat brown rice pasta, but decided to try a new brand of corn pasta I saw on the shelves at my grocery store – San Zenone’s 100% organic corn pasta from Prairie Harvest.

Corn pasta tends to be a bit more expensive than brown rice pasta, but it tastes less “nutty” than rice pasta and doesn’t get gummy when you cook it. I actually found San Zenone tasted much like what I remember wheat pasta tasting like, so this might be a good one to try if you’re new to gluten-free pasta. I had it with some tomatoes, olives and oil, and found I didn’t need a thick sauce to help camouflage the taste.

The corn is grown in the San Zenone region of Northern Italy. The pasta literally contains only corn flour and water, which I think is crazy; even wheat pasta needs some eggs to hold it together.

San Zenone also carries a rice pasta, but I haven’t seen it in my grocery store. The pasta is certified organic, wheat-free, gluten-free and Kosher.

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  • Theresa

    I love this pasta. It cooks faster then rice pasta and the fact it doesn’t get gluey or gummy is SO nice. It is cheaper than the other corn pasta types at my grocery as well. One caveat though, if you make a cold pasta salad use rice pasta. I find the corn pasta hardens up to a really leathery texture. I made a pasta salad to take to work and ended up heating it up to enjoy because it was unpalatable otherwise. My FAVORITE brand of pasta!

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