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El Peto Pancake Mix

Update 2018/01/17: Unfortunately El Peto is no longer in business.

I’m not a from-scratch baker. I prefer my baking to come from a box, where all I have to do is add milk and eggs, and maybe oil. But since going gluten-free, I’ve been wary of trying packaged baking mixes. I know my chocolate cake turned out well, but I just expect that it’s going to bad. And that I wasted a lot of money. But when my local Bulk Barn was selling all El Peto products for 40% off, I grabbed a box of pancake mix and gave’r a try.

I was pleasantly surprised! They tasted like pancakes! And no weird mouth-feel!

I find the batter to be a tad thick. While this makes for “light and fluffy” pancakes, light and fluffy pancakes can also not cook all the way through. So I add a smidge more milk than called for. And they are just as customizable as your regular pancake mixes. Today I added cinnamon.

And then drowned them in butter and blueberry syrup. Yum.

Photo courtesy of Joana Hard.


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