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Dish Freely: Find Gluten-Free Dishes at Restaurants

Dish Freely is a new iPhone app I just found out about that helps those eating gluten-free find dishes at nearby restaurants that they are able to eat. Users can also add new restaurants and dishes, and rate the ones they’ve tried.

I cannot tell you how awesome an idea I think this is. I’m a huge fan of location-based apps, food apps, and well… apps in general (I do work in mobile marketing, afterall). Combining those with  a tool that helps me find food I can eat safely is just brilliant. And with the numbers of people eating gluten-free increasing every week, an app like this is going to be so helpful to so many people.

Currently Dish Freely is only available for iPhone, but I spoke with the team via Twitter last week and they promise me that Android is in their future plans. And the locations are currently only in New York City, but they encourage users to add new dishes in their area.

Download the app via iTunes.

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