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ClubHouse Gluten-Free Gravy Mixes

Club House Gluten-Free Turkey GravyJust in time for Thanksgiving (which was this past weekend), Club House introduced gluten-free gravy mixes! This is great news for the many gravy-making-challenged folks out there (like my entire family) who also have to prepare gluten-free foods.

My mother-in-law recently saw a commercial for Club House’s gluten-free turkey gravy mix and decided to try it out with us this weekend. The instructions call for as much turkey drippings as you want (the more, the better!), plus water to a maximum of 1 cup, and the mix. Due to an unfortunate kitchen debacle, we didn’t have any drippings so the gravy was made with just water.

As far as gravy goes, it was pretty standard turkey gravy! No weird mouth-feel, no strange texture. No one who didn’t know it was gluten-free even suspected it was. Had we had actual turkey drippings, I’m sure the gravy would have been even better.

Club House also makes a gluten-free brown gravy mix for beef.

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