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Bountiful Pantry Country Corn Chowder

On a trip to Vermont this past winter, I came across Bountiful Pantry soups at several shops. Several of their soups are labeled gluten-free. I love corn chowder and decided to try it.

All of Bountiful Pantry soups are packaged, dried ingredients, and preparation is merely adding liquid like stock, milk or water. Ingredients are listed on the back, and they all contain foods you can actually recognize – corn, potatoes, onions, etc. The clear packaging shows off all the ingredients as well.

But despite the gluten-free label, the ingredients I could read and understand, something in the soup made my stomach unhappy.

The other problem with Bountiful Pantry is that they don’t ship to Canada. So if you plan to be in the US, give it a try and see if it sits ok with you.

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