• Gluten-Free Product Reviews

    Boulder Canyon Rice & Adzuki Bean Chips

    I’ve always loved tortilla chips, but since going gluten-free they’ve become my go-to snack. But plain ol’ tortillas can get a little boring sometimes, so I decided to give these chips by Boulder Canyon Natural Foods a try. I had no idea what an adzuki bean was – turns out it’s common in China and Japan – so I wasn’t sure how these would taste. I wouldn’t say the chip has a particularly strong or identifiable flavour, but it was subtley different than a corn chip. The red chilies give it a very mild heat. They also go great with hummus. And chile. And my cat likes them, too. Unfortunately,…

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    Irresistibles Gluten Free Macaroni & Cheese

    I recently discovered that Irresistibles, one of the private brands sold in Metro and Food Basics stores, has a gluten-free, boxed macaroni and cheese – yes, a gluten-free “kraft dinner”. Obviously, with being totally in love with all things mac & cheese, I had to try it out. Sadly, it didn’t live up to my memories of actual Kraft Dinner. The white rice pasta had a strong flavour, and the powdered cheese sauce had barely any flavour at all. I was left eating a bowl of rice pasta that was orange. I was quite disappointed, as this would have made a great convenience food to keep in my pantry for…

  • Restaurant Reviews

    Pizza Crust Comparison: Pizza Pizza vs. Pizza Nova

    If you’ve been eating gluten-free for any amount of time, you’ve no doubt tried some of the gluten-free pizza crusts that are available. After having only tried Pizza Pizza’s gluten-free crust, I recently got the chance to try some others, including Pizza Nova’s gluten-free mulitgrain crust. Here’s what I thought.

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    Mary’s Organic Crackers

    I’m just gonna put this out there: I hate rice crackers. I mean, ick. They’re almost flavourless, except what flavour they do have is salty and bland and weird. So I when I first went gluten-free I tried a few brands and then promptly decided to eat corn chips for the rest of my life. Well, last week at the grocery store, I came across Mary’s Organic Crackers. And I have to admit, they weren’t bad. I bought the Original flavour, but my store also carried Herb. They are organic, Kosher, Vegan, dairy-free, wheat-free, gluten-free and manufactured in a nut-free facility. Whew! They were crunchy, flavourful, and most definitely not…

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    Gluten-Free Mac ‘n Cheese

    I love macaroni and cheese. I love pasta, I love cheese, you put the two together and I’m in heaven. I’d always made mac & cheese the traditional way, starting with a roux, adding milk, then cheese, then baking it. But once I stopped eating gluten, I had to modify that basic recipe. Which meant playing with flours. Which I don’t like to do. I tried cornstarch, and it just didn’t work. I tried brown rice flour, which worked but tasted too nutty. I tried 17 million combinations of brown rice flour and various starches. They all tasted too nutty. It was about time to find a new flour, when…

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    El Peto Pancake Mix

    Update 2018/01/17: Unfortunately El Peto is no longer in business. I’m not a from-scratch baker. I prefer my baking to come from a box, where all I have to do is add milk and eggs, and maybe oil. But since going gluten-free, I’ve been wary of trying packaged baking mixes. I know my chocolate cake turned out well, but I just expect that it’s going to bad. And that I wasted a lot of money. But when my local Bulk Barn was selling all El Peto products for 40% off, I grabbed a box of pancake mix and gave’r a try. I was pleasantly surprised! They tasted like pancakes! And…

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    Gluten Free Challenge Weekend

    This weekend, the Gluten Intolerance Group and Pamela’s Products are trying to spread the word about gluten intolerances by sponsoring the Gluten Free Weekend Challenge. This, of course, corresponds with possibly the best Canadian holiday weekend, “May Two-Four” as it is lovingly called (or “May Long” if you live out west). The deal is to pledge (no money, just your word) to spend the entire weekend eating gluten-free, and they’ve provided a series of recipes so you, you know, don’t starve. Some of them use Pamela’s all purpose flour/baking mix, and I do not know if you can get that here, but not all of the recipes do. And some…

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    Gluten-Free Gingerbread

    Apologies: This post has been written for weeks. Like, since the day after Easter. But I’ve been busy…selling a house, buying a house, traveling from work. And it never got published. Oops. So, here it is, rather delayed and barely relevant. Easter weekend has just passed, and I got together with my extended family for dinner. Unlike my last family dinner at Thanksgiving, I was actually able to enjoy all the sides! Everyone tried out some new recipes this year, and none of them included gluten. As well, my mom brought me a little treat to have for desert while everyone else had custard tarts – some gluten-free gingerbread cookies!…

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    Allerglobal Food Allergy Cards

    This neat little website was profiled on Lifehacker today: Allerglobal. For those with food allergies who like to travel, conversion with restaurant servers in unfamiliar languages can be a challenge. Allerglobel hopes to alleviate that a bit by creating food allergy cards in a language of your choice to carry with you. How brilliant is that? Simply check off the allergies you have, choose the language you want to have the cards in, download & print, and voila! The list of foods related to gluten-intolerance aren’t fantastic – wheat, or flour – but I’ve emailed them asking for better options. And the languages seem limited to European languages at the…