The Do’s and Don’ts of Accommodating Dietary Restrictions at Dinner Parties

This article passed through my Twitter stream today, via foodie and fellow SEO, Graywolf:

Dos and Don’ts: Accommodating Dietary Needs at Dinner Parties

Obivously this is something readers of this site will be familiar with, but it’s becoming a more common issue for regular folk as the occurrances of all dietary restrictions seems to increase.

With my group of friends, the protocol for dealing with dietary restrictions was established early, with two of my highschool friends being vegetarian. It became an unspoken rule that when we got together for meals, they brought their own if they couldn’t eat what was being served. In our younger years, we’d usually just get together for barbeques, so the vegetarians only had to supply their own meat substitute.

Now I show up to barbeques with my own bun. Normally everything else is still edible (except sometimes dessert).

However, my general view on the subject is that my gluten intolerance shouldn’t be anyone else’s problem; they certainly didn’t sign up for it. If I haven’t been told about the menu ahead of time, I make sure to ask, and bring whatever I feel I need to to be able to eat there. I don’t request my friends go out of their way to prepare gluten-free food options for me. I don’t even request that my family do so at holiday dinners (I’ll eat plain veggies if that’s all I can have), although they’ve been happy to modify some recipes to use cornstarch as a thickening agent rather than wheat flour.

What are your thoughts on this, as either a party host or attendee?

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