Allerglobal Food Allergy Cards

This neat little website was profiled on Lifehacker today: Allerglobal.

For those with food allergies who like to travel, conversion with restaurant servers in unfamiliar languages can be a challenge. Allerglobel hopes to alleviate that a bit by creating food allergy cards in a language of your choice to carry with you. How brilliant is that?

Simply check off the allergies you have, choose the language you want to have the cards in, download & print, and voila!

The list of foods related to gluten-intolerance aren’t fantastic – wheat, or flour – but I’ve emailed them asking for better options. And the languages seem limited to European languages at the moment only, but hopefully more will be added down the line (it is only in beta, afterall).

So if you plan on travelling and don’t know the language, check this site out.

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